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Guide for Bankruptcy Law beneficiaries, this guide explains how to prepare for the commencement of the appropriate bankruptcy procedure in accordance with the law's requirements.

Bankruptcy Interactive Guide

1442/04/07 - 2020/11/22

Bankruptcy Interactive Guide is designed for the business community to assist them in identifying the most appropriate bankruptcy procedure and the application requirements, whether the claimant a creditor or a debtor.

The Frequently Asked Questions Guide For Bankruptcy Law saves time and effort for people to understand the law and how to deal with the seven procedures and their requirements.

Aims to introduce the fundamental stages, steps, roles, and responsibilities of the relevant parties, and clarify the information and documents that need to be included when applying to commence a procedure.

Debtor's Guide to the Commencement of Bankruptcy Procedures

Creditor's Guide to the Commencement of Bankruptcy Procedures