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​​Training program objectives:

Each stage of the training has its own interconnected objectives that help prepare officeholders, experts and qualified practitioners to work on bankruptcy procedures.

  • Foundation phase programs: Foundation programs aim to establish the concepts and principles of the Bankruptcy Law and its Implementing Regulations and understand the basics of financial accounting.
  • Specialized phase programs: Aims to help the trainee understand the provisions of both financial restructuring and liquidation procedures, which helps him/her handle various bankruptcy cases.
  • Continuous education: Aims to ensure effectiveness of the implementation of the provisions of the Law through continuous education and professional development of officeholders and experts by attending conferences, seminars, training courses and workshops related to the field of bankruptcy.

Who benefits from training programs:

  • Those interested in obtaining a bankruptcy officeholder license.
  • Those interested in obtaining an expert license.
  • Practicing professionals whose work is related to the bankruptcy field

You can view training programs​ here