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Academic Integrity Charter at Education Portal

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Academic Integrity Charter at Education Portal


The department of professional development and training in the Bankruptcy Commission respects intellectual property rights when designing and uploading all educational material such as texts, posters, programs, and so forth, on the website or through e-learning systems and tools.

Academic integrity means scientific honesty when using and publishing information while respecting intellectual property rights. The Bankruptcy Commission considers academic integrity to be a vital element in the E-training environment.


First: Principles of Academic Integrity in the Education Portal

The Bankruptcy Commission abides by all the intellectual property rights for every publication issued whether digital content or a collection of texts while protecting the rights of the copyright owners.

The contents of the Training programs published in the education portal are owned by the Bankruptcy Commission and it cannot be traded or used outside the program without prior approval from the Commission.

The Commission shall take all necessary measures to protect the intellectual property of the content provided on the education portal, whether they were electronic publications or the content's summary.

The trainers are obliged to follow the intellectual property rights policy when developing courses and models.

The Bankruptcy Commission expects the work provided by the trainees to be self-developed to prove they achieve the training outcomes.


Second: Achieving Academic Integrity in the Education Portal

  1. Publish the academic integrity policy that the Bankruptcy Commission abides by on the website.
  2. Urge the trainers and trainees to follow the academic integrity policy.
  3. The trainees must pledge that they have read and that they agree to follow the privacy and use policy, as well as the integrity policy and the intellectual property rights before registering them in the system.
  4. In the event that infringing content has been uploaded, firstly it must be removed, and then a penalty must be applied against the uploader for breaching established policies.
  5. The Commission verifies the identity of the trainee by giving permission to enter the training hall by sending an e-mail to the trainee and accredited to issue the certificate.
  6. Apply the necessary means to ensure that fraud and impersonation can be prevented, Details are described in the Fraud and Impersonation Prevention Document.


    Third: Forms of Academic Integrity Violations in the Education Portal

    The Bankruptcy Commission will not hesitate to apply the punishments needed when committing the following violations:


    Pretending to be the trainee during meetings or exams.

    Fraud in its every sense:
  1. Cheating or attempting to cheat during the exam.
  2. Using mobiles, headphones, smart watches, or cameras inside the exam hall.
  3. Having a copy of all or half of the questions, as well as an answers sheet.
  4. Revealing exam questions at any time after taking the exam.
  5. Contacting other trainees while taking the exam or using books or papers relevant to the exam unless the ones that have been approved by the supervisory committee and the director of the training and licensing department.

    Academic Integrity Violations:
  1. Using other people's work or the training material without citation or references.
  2. Assign others to perform any electronic tasks or activities requested of the trainee.
  3. Violating attendance instructions.
  4. Impeding the work of the Committee before, during, or after the exam.
  5. Any verbal or physical assault against the committee members, who represent them or other trainees.
  6. Ripping the exam papers or discarding them.


Fourth: Discipline Procedures.

Anyone who commits one of the previous offenses shall be punished by one or more of the following:

  1. Verbal warning and document it in writing or a written warning.
  2. Deny entrance to the exam.
  3. Cancel the result.
  4. Deny performing any exam for a period determined by the Commission.
  5. Any other penalties determined by the Commission.

Fifth: Verification Measures

The Commission shall take the following measures when investigating and punishing the offender:

  1. Verify the trainee's Identity upon the attendance of the exam
  2. Ensure that the trainee applies the instructions set by the Professional Development and Licensing Department to perform the tests.
  3. Provide observers when the trainees perform the tests.
  4. Prevent any books or papers to be entered into the exam hall, except the ones that have been approved by the supervisory committee and the director of the training and licensing department.
  5. Ensure that trainees have turned off their phones, and it is strictly forbidden to take them out.
  6. Ensure that the trainee does not exit the exam page using (Safe Exam Browser).
  7. The trainee shall not exit the exam hall before half an hour has passed from the time the exam started.
  8. After performing the exam, the trainee must hand over the questions paper or any paper used to the exam supervisor.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The Bankruptcy Commission respects intellectual property rights and its regulations when designing the training courses on its educational platform.
  2. Copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all training materials are the sole and exclusive property of the Bankruptcy Commission, and the trainee has no right to print or copy the training materials for the purpose of publication for any reason.
  3. The Bankruptcy Commission strives to spread awareness about intellectual property rights and is committed to publishing this policy on its website and punishing those who violate these policies.
  4. The Bankruptcy Commission is committed to ensuring that trainees adhere to intellectual property rights, regulations, and copyright by making them read and agree to the privacy and use policies as well as the Integrity and Intellectual Property Rights Policies before approving their account registration on the system.
  5. The Bankruptcy Commission shall abide by the data protection policy and the data use policy in the educational portal.
  6. All beneficiaries are bound by the privacy and use policy published on the education portal website.        


• Trainee's agreement to the terms and conditions.

• The trainee's agreement to the application of academic integrity.

• The trainee's consent to their use of personal data in the interest of the Trainee and the Bankruptcy Commission.


Actions taken in case of infringement of intellectual property rights

  1. When you upload any enriching content in the educational portal that violates intellectual property rights, regulations and copyrights, the content is deleted immediately.​
  2. Transferring the publisher to the competent department to impose a penalty on him when printing or copying training materials for the purpose of publishing them for any reason.
  3. If the publisher is a trainer or trainee, the trainer or trainee personally bears all the consequences of this act and the committee is not responsible for that.
  4. Any trainer or trainee who violates the policies shall be suspended and his balance frozen until a decision is taken by the competent committee.
  5. Apply any other sanctions determined by the Committee.​