Continuous Education

Commission Members

​Continuous education aims to raise the level and quality of practice in the bankruptcy field in a way the includes every relevant party, which can be achieved through increasing and promoting the proper knowledge of practice as well as skill development.
Goals of Continuous Education
1- Improve the performance of everyone who are involved in the Bankruptcy Law management.
2-Exchange the knowledge and expertise and spread the proper professional practice as well as propose solutions for the gaps in performance.
3-Help the ones who manage the bankruptcy procedures, especially officeholders and experts, gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to perform their duties in an equitable, proper, and effective manner.
4-Consider the social, economic, and cultural environment.
5-Promote behavioral principles and demonstrate how to avoid violating them.
6-Promote trust in the Bankruptcy Law.
7-Promote the efficiency in the management of bankruptcy procedures.
Target of Continuous Education
Continuous education program targets all parties related to the Bankruptcy Law and its application, in particular bankruptcy officeholders, experts and bankruptcy practitioners.