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Creating Value in Bankruptcy Symposium

Creating Value in Bankruptcy Symposium

Creating Value in Bankruptcy Symposium


Symposium Description:

This symposium aims to review a number of international applications of financial and corporate restructuring procedures, discuss the challenges of managing these procedures, and think of ways to strengthen its success. As well as provide fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviors that enables the officeholder, the professional, the creditor, and the debtor to manage the corporate and the financial restructuring procedure efficiently and professionally through studying cases from United States, Europe, and the Gulf.

Symposium Objectives:

  • Understand the success factors to restructure and maintain company's value using Bankruptcy Law

  • Highlight the framework and tools provided by the Saudi Bankruptcy Law

  • Understand the importance of early warning signs of financial distress

Target Audience:

  • Business community.

  • Bankruptcy officeholders.

  • Experts.

  • Lawyers.

  • Accountants.

Symposium Program: 


Stefano Aversa

Chair of EMEA and Vice-Chair globally

Alastair Beveridge
Managing Director of AlixPartners

​Nick Cropper

Managing Director of AlixPartners

​Al Koch

​Man​aging Director ​of AlixPartners

Fernando Oliveros

Managing Director of AlixPartners' Dubai office

​ ​

​Mauro Trabatti

Director of AlixPartners

Alessandro Missaglia

 Director AlixPartners Dubai Office and Expert of Operational Turnarounds


Riyadh - Fairmont Hotel - Althuraya Hall


Thursday​ - 12/12/2019


8:00 AM – 3:30 PM​

Symposium Fees:

  • Bankruptcy officeholders: Free.

  • For attendees of the training programs provided by the Commission: 200 S.R.

  • Symposium Fees​: 750 S.R.

  • For students: 200 S.R.​

Symposium Certificate:
The participant is granted an attendance certificate.


*There will be a simultaneous interpreter translating from English into Arabic and vice versa.

*The date of the symposium program will be announced later.

The presentations of Creating Value in Bankruptcy Symposium​