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Apply for an Officeholder License

Commission Members

​Paragraph (1) of Article (3) under “Code of Licensing the Officeholders and Experts" issued by Bankruptcy Commission decree, No (0219/12) dated 1440/09/ 11 ​A.H. stipulated that in order to license an individual with a natural personality to exercise officeholder duties, the following is required: 

A-    Must be Saudi.

B-     Must be fully competent.

C-     Must be of good conduct and has no convictions for any offense against honor or breach of trust, unless he has been exonerated.

D-    Upon submission of the application, he must have a license to practice any of the following in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Accounting.
  2. Legal.
  3. Any other related field, as determined by the Bankruptcy Commission

E-     Must not be suspended from practicing any of the professions provided for under paragraph (1/H) of this article, whether upon the submission of the application or during the past year.

F-     Must have at least five years of field experience, as well as at least one year of experience after getting the license.

G-    Must meet the professional qualification required by the Bankruptcy Commission.

H-     Must pay licensing fees estimated by (2000) Saudi Riyals for (3) years.​