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Statement from Bankruptcy Register

Commission Members

Service description:

This service enables you to file for a statement from the bankruptcy register that proves that the register is free of any deposit made with the debtor's name during the past (12) months, to apply for the commencement of any of the following procedures:

  1. Protective settlement procedure (submitted by the debtor).
  2. Financial restructuring procedure (submitted by the debtor).

Or request a judicial deposit in the small debtors' financial restructuring procedure (submitted by the officeholder).


Who benefits from this service:

  1. Debtor.


Required documents: (if the application is submitted by the debtor's attorney)

  1. A copy of the attorney's national I.D.
  2. A copy of the power of attorney.


How to use this service:

1. Enter the Statement from Bankruptcy Register service page.

2. Log in on the Bankruptcy Commission's website (username and password).

3. Fill out your information.

4. Click on the (request) icon.

5. Print the statement.