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The Commission was established by​ the Council of Ministers decision No (623) dated 24/12/1439 A.H (corresponding to 04/09/2018 A.D)​. pursuant to Article (9) of the Royal Decree No. M/05 dated 28/05/1439 A.H (corresponding to 13/02/2018 A.D). It​ possess a corporate​ personality and is financially and administratively independent under the supervision of the Minister of Commerce and Investment.​


The Bankruptcy Law as​signed many duties and competences to the Commission, detailed in Article (9) of the Law, among which are:

  • Establishing, storing, and managing the Bankruptcy Register.
  • Licensing and issuing lists of bankruptcy officeholders and experts.
  • Issuing the rules governing the work of bankruptcy officeholders and experts.
  • Inspecting and verifying the operations of bankruptcy officeholders related to established bankruptcy procedures.
  • Managing Administrative Liquidation Procedures.
  • Providing training, consultation, and services.
  • Issuing the forms and documents stated in the Law and Implementing Regulations.
  • Organizing and sponsoring initiatives that increase awareness about the Law.​