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The Bankruptcy Commission publishes the FAQ Handbook


News Date : 2/17/2019

​The Bankruptcy Commission published the FAQ Handbook about the Bankruptcy Law on its website:

Since the Bankruptcy Law and its Implementing Regulations were issued - pursuant to Royal Decree number (M/50) dated 28/05/1439 A.H. and the Counsel  of Minister’s decision number (622) dated 24/12/1439 A.H., respectively -  the Bankruptcy Commission has been actively observing and analyzing the questions it received from a variety of potential beneficiaries of the Law.  Consequently, it issued the handbook that contains answers to the most asked questions about the Law.

Through the handbook, the Commission aims to provide interested beneficiaries with accurate information about the Law and its Procedures. This, in turn, would save the potential beneficiaries time and effort in understanding and dealing with the Law and both its Procedures and requirements.

It is worth mentioning that the handbook contains 46 questions divided into 8 sections that answer most of the frequently asked questions.