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The Bankruptcy Commission Attends a Meeting with the Private Sector in Jeddah’s Chamber of Commerce


News Date : 2/17/2019

​On Sunday 12/6/1440 A.H. (17/2/2019 A.D.), the Bankruptcy Commission participated in the Executive Committee for Improving Business Performance in Private Sector (Tayseer) discussion panel in Jeddah’s Chamber of Commerce. The panel covered the most important reforms and accomplishments of Tayseer’s subcommittees that serve investors in Saudi Arabia. Since the Bankruptcy Law and its Implementing Regulations were issued pursuant to Royal Decree number (M/50) dated 28/05/1439 A.H. and the Counsel  of Minister’s decision number (622) dated 24/12/1439 A.H. respectively, the Bankruptcy Commission worked on a number of initiatives that improve the business environment in Saudi Arabia including settling Bankruptcy issues.

It is worth mentioning that the Bankruptcy Commission works alongside its partners in the Ministry of Justice and Tayseer to implement bankruptcy settlement initiatives which in turn contributes to the implementation of the Bankruptcy Law objectives.

At the end of the discussion, the Commission’s representative answered questions from attendants.​