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More Than 4,000 Visitors Benefit From the Commission's Participation in Biban Riyadh


News Date : 3/4/2020

The Bankruptcy Commission participated in the accompanying exhibition at Biban Riyadh, by having an awareness booth at the enablement door, on 4-7/06/1441 A.H corresponding to 29 January - 1 February 2020 at Riyadh Front, among many government agencies and the private sector.

The Commission's participation aimed to raise awareness of the Bankruptcy Law and the efficiency of its procedures and applications, in order to enhance transparency and make the practice successful, as well as to continue on supporting the enterprises and help them overcome their financial difficulties while protecting the rights of all parties for economic development and sustainability.

The Commission targeted bankruptcy officeholders, accountants, lawyers, the entire business community and other stakeholders. The Bankruptcy Commission's participation also coincided with Saudi Accountants Forum, which began two days before Biban Riyadh.

It is worth mentioning that the Commission's booth provided its services to more than 4,000 visitors where it showcased many publications, guide manuals and electronic services. The booth also included an interactive screen service called "Test Your Knowledge in Bankruptcy Law" that had specific questions about the Bankruptcy Law and Implementing Regulations, the result appears automatically once the exam is completed.

The booth also provided the journeys and cards of bankruptcy procedures that allows you to identify main stages and steps of the procedures, the roles and responsibilities of the relevant parties, as well as thnformation and documents to be attached when applying for the commencement of the procedure.