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In Order to Raise Awareness about the Role of the Bankruptcy Commission in Implementing the Bankruptcy Law, the Commission Participates in a Town Hall Meeting with Businessmen and Businesswomen in Jazan


News Date : 2/20/2019

​​​​On Wednesday 15-6-1440 A.H., The Bankruptcy Commission participated in the Investment and Commerce Systems meeting with the businessmen and businesswomen in Jazan’s Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives from all the departments of Trade and Investment Systems attended the meeting. The Bankruptcy Commission’s representative Turki abdulrahaman AlRowili spoke about the Commission and its role in implementing the Bankruptcy Law to increase confidence and transparency in bankruptcy procedures.

This meeting is part of the Trade and Investment System initiative to improve communication with the private sector across Saudi Arabia by pointing out recent initiatives and listening to suggestions and observations from concerned parties. This initiative contributes to the development of business and the success of Vision 2030.

It is worth mentioning that the Commission participates in the Trade and Investment System meetings with businessmen and businesswomen in different provinces across the kingdom as part of introducing the role and responsibilities of the Commission to achieve the Bankruptcy Law’s objectives.