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Bankruptcy Commission Holds a Legal Training for Bankruptcy Practitioners in Riyadh


News Date : 7/23/2019

The Commission conducted a program titled “Legal Training for Bankruptcy Practitioners" on 18-21/11/1440 A.H corresponding to 21 - 24 / 07 / 2019 A.D In Riyadh, more than 60 accountants and lawyers attended. This program is one of a series of programs targeted at bankruptcy practitioners, people who are interested in practicing bankruptcy procedures and for officeholders and experts to fulfil their qualification requirements.

The course aims to provide the trainees with the knowledge base of the development stages of Bankruptcy Laws in the Kingdom and understand the general legislative framework of the Bankruptcy Law Implementing Regulations. As well as to know and understand the role of the judiciary, Bankruptcy Commission, ​officeholders and experts in bankruptcy procedures.​​