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A Meeting with Bankruptcy Judges to Discuss Two Projects on Regulating the Duties and Nominations of Officeholders and Experts


News Date : 1/31/2019

​On Thursday 25/5/1440 A.H. (7/2/2019), a coordination meeting was conducted between the Ministry of Justice and the Bankruptcy Commission at the Justice Training Center. In the meeting they discussed the two projects of regulating the duties and the nomination process of officeholders and experts,​ in accordance with the Article (85) of the Implementing Regulations of the Bankruptcy Law that states issuing the former regulations is part of the competences of the Bankruptcy Commission in coordination with the Ministry of Justice.

The Judges of Bankruptcy Circuits in Commercial Courts and members of the Bankruptcy Commission attended the meeting that discussed the role of Officeholders and Experts in the Law and its Implementing Regulations and Implementation mechanisms.

This meeting is part of the coordination framework between the Ministry of Justice and the Bankruptcy Commission which aims to enhance the effectiveness of the Bankruptcy Law’s rules.​