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Abdullah Abdulrahman AlSuhaibani

Commission Members

Abdullah Abdulrahman AlSuhaibani

Member of the Bankruptcy Commission

AlSuhaibani is the Secretary General of the General Secretariat of Tax Committees, he also serves as the Secretary General of Customs Committees. He previously served as a Senior Advisor at SAMA Governor Office. In addition, he served as Secretary General of the General Secretariat of the Committees for Resolution of Insurance Disputes and Violations.

 AlSuhaibani is a member of the Appeal Committee for Resolution of Securities Disputes, and had took part in a number of committees, including the Preparation of the Kingdom's Financial Evaluation Committee (FATF), the Committee of Reviewing the Common Law of the Gulf Cooperation Council's Insurance Companies Control, the Committee of Consumer Protection in Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, the Committee for the Integration of Money Exchangers and the Establishment of Bank AlBilad. AlSuhaibani has an extensive experience in banking and investment. He had worked for several years in investment management and bank control at the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. He is an arbitrator and certified mediator in the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration.

AlSuhaibani is an American Chartered Accountants Association fellow (CPA) and has a bachelor's degree in business administration from King Saud University.​